Notes I write for myself.
Sketch Book entry 1. A whole lot of art coming soon to a screen near you.
My strange posts, few and far between, indicate…what? Not that I don’t have anything on my mind, it’s just stored unpublished. Some lives will always be just that: drafts.
It’s been too scattered.
Sanguine Humour
Why are cartoon’s so good? 

Good to know one of the greats had a similar problem.
red(L)ips *little rhyme*
YELLow canyon

Raindrops were falling on her head, and the California grass finally smiled💧☔🌱😁 (at Rideau Vineyard)

Dats mee
cognizant, no
The reality of via dolorosa is often pushed inward. No one can sense anguish from the extern. There’s a fundamental issue (the one you won’t allow yourself to grieve for) that is laying in wait of some other wretched event. And when that misfortune does befall you, it causes an overflow of uncontrollable emotions (during which someone hails you for directions, of course).
Then it’s hard to tell what the real root of your unhappiness is. Via Dolorosa.